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Building From Sources

Instancio is packaged as a multi-release JAR. It can be used with Java 8 or higher. Building Instancio from sources requires JDK 17 or higher:

git clone
cd instancio
mvn install


The build includes a Gradle test module which requires the dependencies to be installed into the local ~/.m2 repository. For this reason, mvn install must be run at least once for the Gradle test module to build successfully.

Building the Website

This site is built using MkDocs and MkDocs Material theme. Home page theme overrides are from UP42.

To build the site, you will need the following Python packages:

pip install mkdocs \
    mkdocs-material \
    mkdocs-macros-plugin \

To run the site locally: cd website && mkdocs serve. To generate static HTML: mkdocs build.