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Building From Sources

Instancio is packaged as a multi-release JAR. It can be used with Java 8 or higher. Building Instancio from sources requires JDK 21 or higher:

git clone
cd instancio
mvn verify

Currently, IntelliJ IDEA does not support multi-release projects very well (see IDEA-168946).

If you encounter module-related errors when importing the project into the IDE, apply the following changes to all highlighted modules. Go to File -> Project Structure:

  • set the Language level to Java 8
  • exclude


These changes are not permanent. If IntelliJ reloads Maven modules, these changes will be lost and will need to be set again.

IntelliJ IDEA: Project Structure

Building the Website

This site is built using MkDocs and MkDocs Material theme.

To build the site, you will need the following Python packages:

pip install mkdocs \
    mkdocs-material \
    mkdocs-macros-plugin \
    mkdocs-autolinks-plugin \

To run the site locally: cd website && mkdocs serve. To generate static HTML: mkdocs build.